Who Are We?


I’ve had a life long passion for motorcycles buying my first bike, a 250cc Francis Barnett at the age of sixteen.  Since that time I’ve never been without a bike.  I’m also an enthusiastic motorcycle race fan and enjoy watching racing whether it’s trackside or on the box.

In recent years I’ve developed an interest in classic motorcycles as well and I’m looking forward to putting the Ariels through their paces on the run from Land’s End to John O’Groats.



Motorcycle New’s World SuperBike Reporter, road tester, off road and adventure rider.  My interest in motorcycles began when at the age of ten I started riding trials and I’ve been an enthusiastic motorcyclist  ever since.  I’m usually riding modern motorcycles but I’m looking forward to the challenge of riding the Arrow, a bike with a few less bhp and questionable brakes!



With a husband and two sons all passionate about motorcycles I had no option but to join them as race fan and pillion rider.  For our Top2Toe2 jaunt I will again be driving our campervan and providing bed, breakfast and a bit of moral support. I’m also a freelance travel writer so I’ll be keeping a journal of the whole trip.


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